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About Us

Palinuro, the pearl of the Cilento coast, is an internationally celebrated bathing resort in southern Italy with gorgeous beaches, dramatic cliffs and secret coves full of mysterious grottoes. It’s known for the incredibly fresh, delicious and healthy cuisine from that region. Opening the doors in December 2019, Palinuro Italian Cuisine strives to showcase a menu inspired by the warmth and comfort of this southern Italian seaside town.

Under the owner and manager, Gabriele’s direction, Palinuro’s kitchen uses only superior ingredients by working with an established network of local purveyors. These ingredients, along with house-made pasta, provide the ultimate source of inspiration for the restaurant’s diverse menu that includes traditional risotto, fresh salads, imported truffles, and tasty entrées such as veal.

As custodians of Italian tradition, an experience at Palinuro is one to remember.


Gabriele hails from the coastal town of Palinuro. He is a storyteller with food using his skill as a master of the old world techniques of handmade pasta to bring Italian tradition to life in a modern, suburban atmosphere. He brings over 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry so local Texans can enjoy Italian delights served on an American table.

With a philosophy of seasonality, warm hospitality and the deeply rooted culinary traditions of southern Italy, we welcome you as honored friends at our table.

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